head_shotHi, I’m Amy. Wife, mom, nomad, deep thinker, over-analyzer, big dreamer. Lover of words, coffee, wine, dessert, antiquing, kindness, and the Gospel.

I just do not like the term “Mommy Blogger.” It totally makes me shudder. I need to avoid being a stay-at-home mom who is desperate for meaning and purpose and desperate to be known and applauded in this world. Because I think that could happen too easily.

So when I felt like God was filling my head with all these thoughts and ideas on His Truth (some might call it preaching, others might prescribe medication for that), and that I should, I don’t know, write them down someplace or share them with people... I got all squirmy and queasy about it. I tried to put the silly notion to bed that I should blog. But since it wouldn’t leave my head, I consulted with some wise counsel (you know, one of those soul sisters who will tell you the truth about your crazy), and she wisely told me, that even if only your mother and I read it, that’s okay, because at least you said all the things you felt impressed to say and it did the soul good.

So let’s go.