{Going to Kenya} #9 Next Steps

Overlooking The Great Rift Valley, along the Trans-African Highway.
Acacia. Possibly the thorns from the crown of Jesus.
The Great Rift Valley
I don’t know what this is exactly…but pretty tree with hearts on the trunk. <3


I feel like, beginning with this trip, God began settling the quandary I have been placing myself in.  The one where I was waiting — nail-biting and thumb-twiddling and all of that — to finally find the perfect fit for “my ministry.”  Where does He want me?  What am I supposed to be doing?  Amid spiritual gift tests, personality profiles, bible studies, people telling me where I do and don’t belong, and good old waiting for the flashing neon sign from heaven, I was just plain old stuck.  More talking about doing, than actually doing, all while waiting for the illusively perfect opportunity to arise.

Can I just say this?  If God has put something in front of you, there is a reason.  If He has placed one of his causes within your sphere of influence, it seems likely that He is calling you to play a part.  Your part may seem small, like buying a necklace or a t-shirt, but there is purpose in that.  It might be a one-time donation.  And it might be jumping on a plane and traveling to only-God-knows-where, to become a part of something Big that He is doing there.

If you hear a story about something God is doing, and it stirs your heart, there is purpose in that.  Pray first.  Listen to the Spirit.  Know that fear or anxiety is not from God and thinking about doing something uncomfortable may not generate feelings of peace for you.  Then just start with the first step of obedience, one foot in front of the other.  If everything begins to fall into place, and it looks like your desire is a real-life possibility, keep going!  Note:  I realize that some things are hard and do not come easily to us.  I don’t intend that roadblocks or obstacles indicate that you are not called to something.  There are always sacrifices to be made, even when He aligns all the stars and makes straight your path.

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

I have heard some different interpretations of this verse, and while I definitely agree that because God made the ultimate desire of the human heart to be God himself, He will fulfill this promise in Himself, I have another thought I’ve found as well.  When God wants me to be involved with something, He often stirs my heart toward whatever that something is, sometimes way in advance.  I call this ‘a knowing.’  He has given this heart desires which it cannot understand, asked my heart to wait patiently, and then faithfully returned to seal the deal at a later time.  Thus, He has given me the desires of my heart.img_6129

So then, what is next?  I realized before my feet ever departed the Kenyan ground, that I would be unable not to remain involved.  In fact, saying good-bye never to connect again to that place, frightened and depressed me.  There are too many people in Kenya that now hold a place in my heart.  And the only way to see them and demonstrate the faithfulness of the Father I love, is to go back.

I agreed to go back, Lord willing, and help recruit folks for a more extensive Vision Trip in 2017.  A team of 24 will be heading out of New England, Arkansas, and Texas to tour the area, be a witness to the work of Jesus, and form lasting relationships with the people there.  The dates are currently set for July 26-August 6.  Please be in prayer for this trip and all those who would join!  To Him be the glory, forever and ever!

I love the idea that there are several folks out there still, who have no idea that God has placed Kenya on their agenda for 2017!  It is too much fun to be involved in His work.

Are you in?

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