{Going to Kenya} #7 Kushuhudia

KUSHUHUDIA-JPGI want to push the proverbial pause button on this blogging journey for a minute and talk about one of my next steps.  Because, well, it’s happening!

Leaving Kenya, I knew I couldn’t just disconnect.  I would need to still be involved in the things God is doing there, from my stateside location.  And I was fairly sure of three things He was inviting me to participate in.

Just five days after I arrived home from Kenya, and feeling pretty lost I might add, my favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE, dropped their latest album, HARDLOVE.  And when I heard the song “Testify,” I knew it was meant, at least in part, for me.

The tagline of Wells of Joy Ministries is “Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”  I knew that I was supposed to come home and testify to the good works and beautiful stories I was a witness to.  Blogging was an obvious outlet for this.  Public speaking is also doable.  But starting a company (of sorts) selling Kenyan accessories, was not as clearly on my radar.

Some of you may know about the online auction I held to raise funds for our mission team.  It was such a success, I decided I would host another one after the trip with whatever items I would be able to bring back home.  This is Thania.


She runs a shop in Kijabe selling jewelry and various decorative items.  Most of my purchases came from her store.  As I was buying the items to bring home for my second auction, she said, “God sent you here to me!  I have to pay my daughter’s school fees, as she goes back to school next week.”  I was completely floored that from this tiny nudge of an idea from God, He could weave the story out in so many directions, and accomplish such good.  The idea that He chose ME to go all the way from Arkansas to serve His purposes for Thania all the way in Kijabe, Kenya is humbling and wild.  God has grown that tiny idea, from the first pair of earrings I experimented with auctioning, to hosting jewelry parties and testifying about the work He is doing.  Using the Swahili word for “testify” seemed most fitting.  And so, Kushuhudia is born.



So, this Friday, I am hosting a launch party in my home to experiment on all of my friends.  I will be testing to see which items are the most popular and how accurate my friends and I are on price points!  All proceeds will go directly to the students of Brilliant Sharpening Community School, a ministry of Wells of Joy, in the Lunga Lunga slum of Nairobi.  At the party I will share stories, pictures, and videos from both Wells of Joy and Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.

I have also been invited to sell some of the inventory at a local church’s Love Week event coming up later this month.  Next month, Hannah Baugh returns to Arkansas from Kenya and has agreed to do some investigative work on the ground and restock the inventory so that I can do the online sale, as originally planned!

From there, I am eager to see if God plans to keep up this little endeavor!  As long as I am able to get more inventory and am invited to display it at various parties and events, I plan to keep going, as He wills.  If you are interested in hosting, please let me know!  Have Kushuhudia, will travel!



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