When Kenya Comes to Arkansas

Sometimes, God surprises the heck out of me.  When He is doing a Thing, He just pulls out all of the stops.  It is so much fun.  Here’s what has been going on lately.

About a year ago, my husband and I became involved with an organization called Wells of Joy in Kenya.  Our friends, Josh and Charelle Raybuck, imparted knowledge to us regarding the great need there  and I felt compelled to say, “Not on my watch’ to the grave situation there in the slums of Nairobi.

Last October, God blessed us with a wonderful getaway together to NYC.  Jeremy and I took off for a long weekend and visited our friends the Raybucks in nearby Connecticut while we were there.  I actually felt guilty about taking another trip, but we had free airfare and Jeremy really needed some stress relief, plus, NEW YORK.  How can I say no to that?  As it turns out, God wanted to use that trip to fan a flame in me.

Fast forward to March.  Plans began to come together in a frenzy.  Pastor Geoffrey Mutunga, the founder and director of Wells of Joy Church and Brilliant Sharpening Community School in the Lunga Lunga slum of Nairobi, Kenya, was finally granted travel approval to come to the United States to do a little tour, meeting supporters and speaking at various engagements.

We were able to host Pastor Geoffrey for a dinner at The City Church NWA, all the way out here in Northwest Arkansas.  The Spirit worked in ways I can’t fully explain to you.  God weaves threads so intricately in His work, that no one else could account for the way the story unfolds.  We raised enough money to rescue several children through scholarships that will feed, protect, and educate children who are completely without hope of a future otherwise.  I’m just so thankful that I get to play a small part in God’s rescue plan.

Pastor Colby Fulfer and Pastor Geoffrey Mutunga. Brothers.
Pastor Geoffrey and I
Interviewing Pastor Geoffrey and Hannah Baugh, who just returned from her internship in Kenya.


So today, I get to officially announce that I have signed on to join the Raybuck family on their next journey to Kenya this coming July!  If you’ve known me all my life, you are probably equally as surprised as I am regarding this venture.  The nerves are a whole nother post, my friends, because I’ve got to start fundraising, collecting donations to take with me, and get a whole lot of immunizing done first.  I have just a few weeks to raise $2300 for this trip.  And, actually, I hate asking people to part with their money.  However, I AM all for raising awareness of the plight of these children and what is going on in Kenya.  I also want to invite others into this massive work that God is doing there and allow them to experience this same blessing, so out will go the fundraising letters.  Most of all, I need your prayers!

Speaking of blessings, there is someone I would love to introduce you to.  When I saw his sweet smile (and those cheeks!), I melted, but it was really his name that drew me.  His first name is Titus, just like our very own Titus Gray, and he lives in Kenya with his mother and four siblings.  Titus attends Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, a community school run by the folks at Naomi’s Village.  We can’t wait to watch this little guy learn and grow in the months ahead and I look forward to meeting him in July.  Titus has an older sister, Wamaitha, also attending Cornerstone, and she is desperately in need of sponsors.  Cornerstone likes to pair each student with multiple sponsors to increase the likelihood of them being able to meet their visiting sponsor one day.  For as little as $33 per month, you can be one of them!

When Kenya comes to Arkansas, it changes the landscape.  Hearts change.  The trajectory of life changes too.  I would encourage you to invite a little bit of Kenya into your life, too.

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