{This Missional Life} Multiplying Donuts

For being as passionate as I am about our need for community amongst believers and the missional community concept, I haven’t written much about our adventures yet.  I decided to start a little “series” here on the blog where I can share about what is going within our Missional Community (MC) group, and the lessons we are learning.  Henceforth, you will hopefully be seeing many more posts under the {This Missional Life} category!

Some days (weeks, whatever) I just fall into a Funk.  Do you know what I mean?  I lose my way and can’t see the forest for the trees.  I feel like God is silent, or some kind of treacherous iron curtain has fallen between us.  I quickly forget all that He has done for me and the mighty works I have watched Him do in my very own life.  It’s like, ‘Sign me up for Camp Israelite!  I know you just parted that Sea and all, God, but I’m pretty sure you’ve ditched me out here in the wilderness.  Woe is me!’  God said that we need markers for those events because us wee little humans forget real fast and lose Sight so easily (Joshua 4).  That is why I am writing today about something that happened several months ago.  My heart needs reminding.

Last September, our MC decided to host a little fundraiser in support of our friends, the Martin family, as they pursue the international adoption of a son from Haiti.  We decided to sell donuts (some pre-sold dozens and some individually) from our driveway.  Honestly, here was my line of thinking going into this: This will be something fun (and ‘missional’) to involve our kids in!  It will be so cute.  We’ll only make a couple hundred bucks, maybe, but the Martins aren’t going to expect a whole lot from this.  It will be fun for the kids.  So cute.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

For starters, I inadvertently chose the Saturday of the community-wide, neighborhood garage sales to put this on.  So, not only were people driving through the neighborhood like crazy, but our neighbors were out in full force.  We posted what we were doing a few days before the sale, and pre-sold 30 dozen donuts.  The local donut shop we were purchasing from very kindly gave us a discount, which helped add to the profit.  We sold another 10 dozen individually, and could have probably done more than that.  Completely sold out.  People made generous donations.  And the pot ended up right at $1,100.

That’s right:  Eleven hundred dollars. For DONUTS.

Here’s the crazy part.  A few days before the fundraiser, the Martins were informed of some unexpected adoption fees being due through their agency.  They were stressing a bit about it, but didn’t make this public knowledge until after the fundraiser.  The amount needed?  Yep, right around $1,100.

This is nowhere close to the flashy and dramatic things God does for His people sometimes.  But it spoke volumes to us.  To think, I almost didn’t do this because it seemed a little silly or not a very profitable use of our weekend.

Bringing the sweetness.


All we need is a meager offering of obedience.  God is so much fun.

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