More About That Thing Called “IF”

I can scarcely believe it’s that time again. Yes, indeed, IF:Gathering 2016 is merely TWO weeks away.

Have you seen me chattering about it, you know, all over social media?  Maybe there are others in your circle, or at least your viewing range, who are piping up too.  And you start to wonder, well, why IF? (If you’ve never heard of IF:Gathering at all, read up here.)

If you find me begging people to come, posting status update after update, it is not just because it’s cool (it is), or because I idolize some of the leadership/speakers (though I have fought against that a time or two).

I have been asking myself lately, ‘What is it that makes me so passionate about this particular movement?’  It is because when I find God moving in such a monumental way,  I want to shout it from the rooftops: “Come and see!  Here He is!  In Spirit and in Truth!”  It is because I have watched Him move mountains, heard Him whisper gently, seen His hand weaving threads together that I never could have dreamed on my own.

I know, I know.  There are some of you out there who refuse to participate in anything if it possesses the shadow of a bandwagon.  You rebel, I understand your heart too well.  (Hello, devoted Android user, right here.)  Or maybe you’ve been watching.  And very fallible human beings, who may have even wounded you in the past, are now leading, promoting, and excited about this thing.  I think there are probably some out there who aren’t participating because it simply wasn’t their idea, no one invited them or involved them personally, or no one asked them what they thought.  I think sometimes we are afraid of what might compete with our own mission we’ve got going on.  I understand.  But trust me, Jesus does mighty work, even in the middle of selfish motivations and hearts that seek their own glory.  Lay it all down.

If you’ve been wondering about this God of the Bible that stirs so much controversy between the human beings.  If you’re tired of the dry worship of your Genie in a Bottle.  If you’re unmoved by the plasticity of your Little god Up on the Mantel.  If you’re the scholar with more verses of the Bible memorized than you can count.  If you are ever so slightly curious as to what would happen if you asked to see His Glory.  If you really sought His Face.  Better yet, if your heart cried out, ‘I surrender all!’.

Then here is a fantastic place to start.  I guarantee He will not disappoint as you earnestly seek Him.  You will never be the same.

Register here.


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