Washed By the Water

Right now I have a few posts cooking on the back burner that I work on occasionally, molding and easing them toward their final form.  They just aren’t there yet, so I’d thought I’d try to form a few thoughts on a lighter subject.

How about my vacation last week, huh?!  It was pretty cool.

I will admit that vacations are hard for me.   I have struggled with re-entry since I.can.remember.  I’ve always loved vacation a little too much.  The fun, the beauty, the change of pace, the freedom from responsibilities.  But my issues with vacation are a whole nother post or two.  Sometime I should write about The Post Vacay Funk.

This time I prayed and asked some dear friends to pray for us too.  Not only for my parents and kids in our absence, and for my re-entry, but for some sweet time with my husband and listening to God.

So, we packed up and flew ourselves off to the Dominican Republic.  Southwest flies there (hooray for companion passes!) and I’ve had a weird intrigue of the DR for a few years now and wanted to check the place out.

Jeremy and I try to find time to ourselves but honestly, it’s so hard to come by these days.  He works a lot of hours and holds the weight  of a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  He strives to spend quality time with our boys in the evenings and on the weekends and we drag our exhausted selves off to bed as soon as we tuck them away at night.  I think this is a pretty common scenario.

Sidenote: We are SO tired.  Someone please tell me it is just because we have young kids to keep up with.  Plum Organics has just come out with an ad declaring that toddlers take about 4,000 more steps more PER HOUR than adults.  I believe it.  All of my friends with four, please don’t say anything.  I do not know how you function.  Intravenous espresso, perhaps?

Every once in a while we are privileged enough to be able to intentionally spend some uninterrupted time together.  No kids, no one we have so much as exchanged last names with.  Oh, we love our couples retreats (haha!) and double date nights with friends.  But just the two of us is rare and to be treasured.  The time is an investment that keeps giving back.  …Start your own Marriage Retention Program today!  Haha!…

We remember that we like each other.  We are more than just life partners, two co-managers of insane, tiny people and a house.  Because the day-to-day quickly becomes monotonous and commitment can feel more like obligation.  So, us Barclay’s head to beaches and snorkel with sharks and stingrays.  Whatever.  We’re slightly Caribbean-obsessed, we can’t help it.  Maybe you like playing checkers together, or roller skating, or climbing Mt. Everest, or ice cream.  Whatever floats the marital boat.  (I’m not being edited on this one.  Perhaps I should have cautioned you sooner.)

Clearly, you can see that my husband and I are not good at this.  If we were, we’d be regularly scheduling these opportunities in the small moments too.  We need to fight harder and be more intentional.  Sweet, funny moments stolen in the DR teach me this.



We thought this tree was fascinating. It shoots out roots from it’s limbs and grows no further than it is able to support itself.
Oh yes. We arrived on the “one week of the year” where the pristine beaches are stormed by masses of seaweed. Such is real life and real vacation.
Immediately greeted by the reality of sex-trafficking in the DR airport.
I have to fight him to wear sunscreen. Every.time.
Here is where I resign myself to the obviousness that God made me a beach girl and I am meant to be on a beach somewhere. Why else would it pain me so to leave??
After some flight delays and a precious half-day lost, we arrived starving. Constant availability of buffets and bar service? Yes, please.

20150715_171223 20150715_171032


Final sidenote:  I do not know how to rearrange the pictures on here.  Does technology really have to be so hard for me?  Also, I have an obsession with Needtobreathe these days that I just can’t stop.  So, props to them for my title.

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